Article 1 Definitions

In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

bicycle: the (electric) bicycle including parts (such as the key) thereof as well as the accessory(s) that are rented or included. E-bikes have a max. speed of 25 km/h;

tenant: the natural or legal person who enters into the lease as a tenant;

lessor: 2GOBIKE., Avda La Fontana 5, 1A,C.i.F ESB42544569;

consumer: the tenant who is a natural person and who has concluded the rental agreement for purposes other than business or professional activities;

in writing: in writing or electronically.

Article 2 Applicability

These general terms and conditions apply to every offer from the lessor and to every rental agreement for bicycles between the lessor and the lessee. These rental conditions are provided to the tenant at the latest when the rental agreement is concluded. These general terms and conditions apply regardless of your (prior) reference to any own terms and conditions or to other general terms and conditions. The landlord rejects all general terms and conditions to which the tenant refers or which are used by the tenant.

Article 3 The offer and the agreement

1. The lessor makes an offer in writing (including an electronic offer). The offer may be revoked by the lessor, for example if the offer is dependent on the availability of a bicycle.

2. The agreement is concluded upon acceptance of the offer by the tenant.

3. The rental agreement applies for the period and the rate as stated on the rental agreement or as agreed in another way. The rental agreement states the day and time on which the rental period begins and ends.

Article 4 Right of withdrawal and cancellation

1. A consumer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days after the conclusion of the lease, provided it was concluded outside the business premises of the lessor. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the rental is carried out with the consent of the consumer, during the reflection period and the consumer has waived the right of withdrawal.

2. In all other cases, the tenant can cancel the rental agreement free of charge in writing up to 8 days before the start of the rental period, or 48 hours (if the landlord and tenant have agreed the rental agreement less than 8 days before the start of the rental period. In the event of late or non-written cancellation, the lessor is entitled to charge the full rent.

3. If the tenant has not reported to the agreed location before 11:00 on the day of commencement of the agreed rental period, this will be regarded as an (unlawful) cancellation.

Article 5 Rent and deposit

The rent is determined on the basis of the rates applicable at the time of entering into the lease with the lessor, as visible on the website, in the offer and/or in the business premises of the lessor. In addition to the rent, the landlord is entitled to charge the tenant a deposit of €150 per e-bike and €50 for a standard bicycle.

Your deposit will be returned within 24h after you returned you bike to 2gobike and it was approved after damage control.

Article 6. Rental period

1. The rental period is the period between the time of commencement and return as stated in the rental agreement.

2. Extension of the rental period can only take place with the prior consent of the landlord and against payment of the applicable (extension) rate.

3. In the event of early return, the full rent will continue to apply.

4. The bicycle must be returned to the agreed location at the latest at the agreed time of return.

5. If the original or extended rental period is exceeded, the renter pays € 5 extra per bicycle, per hour or part thereof, on top of the additional rent owed.

Article 7 Payment

1. The rent must be paid in the manner offered by the lessor (including debit card).

2. The landlord can request (partial) payment in advance of the rent.

3. The full rent must be paid at the latest at the start of the rental period, unless the landlord explicitly agrees in writing that this can be done (partly) afterwards. In the event of late payment, the tenant is legally in default and the landlord is entitled to charge the statutory (commercial) interest and/or (collection) costs.

4. The lessor is at all times entitled to set off unpaid rent and/or the amount of any compensation owed against the deposit, without prejudice to the lessor’s right to additional (damage) compensation.

5. The renter is obliged to pay the full rent and any other amounts stated in the (settlement) bill, unless he can demonstrate with regard to the rent that he was unable to use the bicycle as a result of a defect that was already present before or at the latest at the start of the rental period. If, for whatever reason, the renter is unable to use the bicycle, the lessor bears no liability for the resulting costs and damage.

Article 8. Obligations tenant

1. The renter is deemed to have received the bicycle in good condition and the lessor is deemed to have delivered the bicycle in good condition.

2. The renter will take care of the bicycle with due care and follow the instructions of the lessor for use of the bicycle. The tenant must take all precautions against damage, loss or theft

3. The bicycle may only be used in accordance with its normal destination and by the rider(s) named in the rental agreement. The bicycle must be returned in the condition in which the bicycle was received.

4. The bicycle may in any case not be used on sandy plains (including the beach, sand drifts) or on any other terrain for which the bicycle is not suitable.

5. The renter must carefully secure luggage on the bicycle. The Renter must determine whether the carrying capacity of the (luggage carrier of the) bicycle is sufficient.

6. The tenant will respect the traffic rules and the local APV. The renter is also strictly prohibited: (a) riding up and down curbs, (b) colliding with the bicycle while riding and (c) transporting more people than the seats provided.

7. The renter is obliged to point out the rental rules to the person he lets ride the bicycle and to ensure that they also adhere to them. The renter must also ensure that the bicycle is only used if the rider is physically and/or mentally capable of doing so.

8. The renter may not sublet or use the bicycle to third parties, or transfer the rental rights (partially) to third parties.

9. The renter may only use the bicycle in Javea plus a radius of 50 Km and not to other areas by bicycle.

10. All costs, taxes, charges and fines with regard to the bicycle and its use (such as storage) are for the account of the renter.

11. The lessor is at all times entitled to confiscate the bicycle in the event of alleged abuse.

Article 9. Damage, loss and theft

1. If the bicycle is (broken) broken, the renter may not continue cycling if this could make it worse.

2. If the bicycle is visibly broken, if the bicycle has been damaged or if the bicycle is missing, the renter informs the lessor immediately. The tenant strictly follows the instructions of the landlord. The tenant is obliged to (i) provide all reasonable cooperation and (ii) provide the landlord with all information and relevant documents that the landlord deems reasonably necessary. If the lessor asks the lessee to leave the bicycle behind, the lessee will ensure that it is properly protected against (further) damage, theft or loss.

3. Only after written (e-mail) permission from the lessor, the lessee may have someone other than the lessor repair the bicycle.

4. If the bicycle is missing, the renter is obliged to report it to the local police and to provide the lessor with a copy of the report. In the event of damage involving a third party, the tenant must complete a claim form and send a copy of it to the landlord.

5. If the landlord is not available at any time (for example because the tenant calls or e-mails outside the landlord’s normal opening hours), the tenant will do everything that can be expected of a reasonable tenant and whereby the tenant will keep the interests of the landlord in mind .

Article 10 Liability tenant

1. The bicycle is insured against liability or hull damage.

2. The renter is liable for damage to or loss of the bicycle, against amounts that are determined by the lessor according to normal standards, unless they are stated in the rental contract under the current market value.

3. 2gobke inspects the Bike upon return for any damage (including theft or missing of the Bike and/or parts). If the Bike appears to have damage, it is presumed that this damage was caused by the Renter. the costs for repair or replacement are for the account of the Renter, unless the Renter demonstrates that the damage already existed at the start of the agreement or should otherwise be for the account of 2Gobike. 2Gobike uses the table below (amounts include VAT):

Battery damage€250   (E-Bike)
Battery holder€30     (E-Bike)
Controller€200   (E-Bike)
Controller case€50     (E-Bike)
Charger€85     (E-Bike)
Key and/or lock€50
Voorvork€300   (E-Bike)
Wheel (rim)€100
Bike seat€65

Theft E-Bike

In case of theft there is a deductible of € 700 per E-Bike and € 350 per battery.

if the original key is handed over to 2GOBIKE by the Renter.

If the original key cannot be returned to 2GoBike, the Renter will be charged the full amount of the E Bike including battery of € 3,500 (plus € 350 in case of a second battery).

Theft Yellow Bike

In case of theft there is a deductible of € 100 per Bike. if the original key is handed over to 2GOBIKE by the Renter.

If the original key cannot be returned to 2GoBike, the Renter will be charged the full amount of the Bike of € 350

4. The tenant must pay the compensation to the landlord immediately after the rental period.

5. The renter is not liable for damage resulting from a defect in the bicycle, if the renter demonstrates that this defect can be attributed to the lessor.

Article 11 Liability lessor

1. If the renter puts the bicycle into use, this will be regarded as proof that it functions properly and has no defects; the tenant is responsible for this. In case of doubt about the safety or the functioning of the bicycle, the renter must report this to the lessor immediately before use. The use of the bicycle is at the renter’s own risk.

2. The lessor is not liable for any damage suffered by the lessee as a result of the use of the bicycle, unless there is gross negligence on the part of the lessor.

3. The lessor is liable to a maximum up to the amount that his insurer has paid out in the relevant case.

4. Under no circumstances is the lessor liable for consequential damage, which also includes loss of profit, loss of turnover or indirect damage.

Article 12 Complaints

Complaints about the implementation of the lease must be reported to the lessor immediately, so that the lessor can resolve the complaint during the rental period. Complaints that are not reported immediately as a result of which the tenant has not enabled the landlord to remedy a possible shortcoming of the landlord, the landlord does not have to deal with afterwards. The tenant has then lost any rights that may accrue.

Article 13 Processing of personal data

Landlord processes personal data in accordance with its (url link)

Article 14 General

With these rental conditions, all previous publications of our rental conditions are null and void. Obvious printing and typing errors are not binding on the lessor.

Article 15 Applicable law

Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions and to the rental agreement

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